Nissan Key Fob Batteries & How to Replace Them

This page is your one-stop shop for changing Nissan key fob batteries. To find out which device you have, what battery it takes, and how to open it—just scroll down and select your Nissan model from the “Nissan Vehicle Models” list. If you click “Altima,” for example, you will be taken to a page with easy-to-follow video tutorials for every Nissan Altima key fob used over the years.

Alternatively, you can stay on this page and scroll down to the bottom to see video tutorials for all possible Nissan key fobs. Just find the video that shows your device in the thumbnail and click to play. Our video tutorials show you everything you need to know to replace your battery at home, without any special tools or prior experience!

Oval2005 - 2022Check on Amazon
Fixed Key2008 - 2021Check on Amazon
Standard2002 - 2021Check on Amazon
Flip2014 - 2020Check on Amazon
Power Doors2004 - 2010Check on Amazon

Nissan Vehicle Models

How to change the battery in the “Oval” Nissan key fob

Nissan Murano Key Fob Battery Replacement (2005 - 2021)

This is the battery you need for the Nissan “Oval” key fob:

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How to change the battery in the “Fixed Key” Nissan key fob

Nissan Versa Key Fob Battery Replacement (2013 - 2019)

This is the battery you need for the Nissan “Fixed Key” key fob:

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How to change the battery in the “Standard” Nissan key fob

Nissan Frontier Key Fob Battery Replacement (2002 - 2020)

This is the battery you need for the Nissan “Standard” key fob:

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How to change the battery in the “Flip” Nissan key fob

Nissan Rogue Key Fob Battery Replacement (2014 - 2020)

This is the battery you need for the Nissan “Flip” key fob:

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How to change the battery in the “Power Doors” Nissan key fob

Nissan Quest Key Fob Battery Replacement (2004 - 2010)

This is the battery you need for the Nissan “Power Doors” key fob:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What battery goes in my Nissan key? All Nissan key fobs use one of three types of batteries: CR2032 batteries, CR2025 batteries, or CR1620 batteries. These 3v coin batteries are inexpensive and last a long time. Each key fob only requires one battery to function.

Where can I buy Nissan key fob batteries? You can find key fob batteries online, or at hardware stores, electronics stores, and hobby stores. By far, the most convenient way to get your hands on a battery is to order one online. They’ll ship right to your doorstop, usually for a better price than what you’d find in-store. To find these batteries on Amazon, click on one of the following battery types: CR2032 batteries, CR2025 batteries, or CR1620 batteries.

How much does it cost to replace a Nissan car key? Fixing your key fob at a dealership will cost you significantly more than doing it yourself. If the only problem is a dead battery, you can order a new battery on Amazon and follow one of our tutorials to change it yourself. The battery costs a couple of bucks and the entire process of replacing it only takes about five minutes. However, if your key fob is broken or defective, you may need to replace the whole thing, which will be more expensive.

How do you change the battery in a 2008 Nissan key fob? It depends on which key fob type you have. Some model years have multiple key fobs in use simultaneously—there is no one correct answer here. To see how to change the battery in your Nissan key fob, scroll up and find the video that has your device in the thumbnail. That video will show you the step-by-step process.

How do you change the battery in a Nissan Altima key fob? Most car models have multiple possible key fobs depending on the year and trim. To see how to change the battery in your specific Altima key fob, scroll up to the top of the page and click on “Altima” from the “Nissan Vehicle Models” list. 

Nissan Key Fobs – Everything You Need To Know

Many Nissan drivers already use remotes for their vehicles in 2022, and sales have continued since the first key fob system was released. However, a new key fob isn’t free. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, a search can take hours. Shopping around at home for the right Nissan replacement key shouldn’t be a stressful process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different key fob items available to you and the potential price of each one. We’ll also address some of your frequently asked questions about replacement Nissan fobs in 2021.

The Nissan Key Fob — What Types Are Available?

Explore the different types of remotes this cart brand offers:

Transponder Key

Buying a simple transponder key is the easiest way to get a replacement key for your Nissan vehicle. A transponder key will allow you to unlock the car and start the ignition when inside the vehicle. The exact cost will depend on the particular model and year in which the car was manufactured. In addition, the key will have to be cut. You’ll also need to get the chip inside the key programmed before using it with your vehicle. These services will likely increase the overall cost of getting a replacement Nissan device.

Keyless Entry Remote Key

The Nissan keyless entry remote fob contains a physical metal blade and a remote entry system complete with unlocking/locking buttons and a panic alarm signal. This means you can lock and unlock the car from a distance, but you can also unlock it physically using the keys if the remote batteries die. This option works with a range of models, including the Nissan Sentra.

Keyless Smart Remote

The Nissan smart remote has all the features of the entry remote, but with the additional feature of allowing you to start the ignition of your car. The only condition is that the remote must be within close range of the car. Once you step inside your vehicle, you can push the start/stop option on the dashboard.

Features and Functions

Keyless System

You’ll never have to use your keys to lock and unlock your vehicle again, saving you time and improving your Nissan driver experience.

Panic Alarm

Many of the Nissan remotes come with a panic alarm button. This button allows you to alert other drivers that you are in distress by activating the horn in the vehicle without necessarily having to be inside.

Start Ignition

With the keyless smart remote, you can even start the ignition of your car without the need for physical keys, as long as the remote is near your car.

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A Nissan keyless entry system is easy to use and will make it more straightforward to access your car without having to be right next to the vehicle. Save time getting into your vehicle with this convenient product.

Handy Spare

If you have an existing unlocking device, buying extra remotes is a great idea. This way, you’ll have spare keys to get into your vehicle at an affordable price.

Locate Vehicles

If you lose your Nissan vehicle in a car park, for example, you can use the panic button feature on the Nissan remotes to determine its location. This feature will save you the hassle of conducting a detailed search.



After you have purchased your replacement device, there are some additional things you need to do before you can use it for your vehicle, which are not free. These include the cost of programming the chip inside the device and cutting the blade so that it will fit in your car door. Contact or email your Nissan dealer to seek help and find out more about the additional costs involved. In addition, if you ordered your fob from online shopping at home instead of a physical shop, there may be additional shipping costs involved, which could increase the item’s price (and the price of buying batteries). Therefore, you’ll have to work out the cost of all the different parts of the installation process before you can determine the price of your Nissan key fob.

Verdict — Should You Buy a Nissan Key Fob?

Although you don’t need one, many Nissan users choose to have key fobs for their vehicles in 2021. There are some great advantages to getting replacement key fobs, but the precise option you choose will depend on how you strike a balance between the price and how you view your automotive experience as a customer. If you just want a simple replacement car key, you can do that. But if you want a more sophisticated automotive experience that will save you time, then opt for an easy entry system. Contact your dealer if you’d like more information on the Nissan car key products available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nissan Models Can I Buy a Device For?

  • Xterra
  • Versa
  • Titan
  • Rogue
  • Sentra
  • NV
  • NV200
  • Quest
  • Pathfinder
  • Murano
  • Kicks
  • Maxima
  • Leaf
  • Frontier
  • Juke
  • Cube
  • 350Z & 370Z
  • Altima
  • Armada
  • GT-R
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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Nissan Key Fob?

The price of a new or replacement Nissan car key depends on the specific model of your vehicle and the year in which it was manufactured. If you’re unsure of the manufacture year of your vehicle, call or email your local Nissan dealer to find out more information.

How Do You Program a Nissan Key Fob?

To program your new Nissan key fob, you’ll need to use a certified auto locksmith shop or a Nissan dealer. For more information, call or email your local dealer to find out the costs involved. Some Nissan dealerships may be unwilling to offer a programming service if you buy something after-market, as they will only program Nissan-certified products for copyright reasons. Contact the store’s customer service for more information and to find out if your vehicle is eligible.

Can I Buy a Key Fob & Program It Myself?

Unfortunately, most Nissan key fobs do not allow you to program the key fob by yourself. Instead, you’ll have to call or email the customer service of your local dealer to arrange for programming services for your replacement. Sadly, this service is not usually free. However, sales of after-market items are more tricky. If you buy an after-market fob that is not one of the certified Nissan products, your local dealer may not offer you a programming service due to reasons of copyright 2021.